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While we love every project we get to be a part of, there are just those specific ones that scratch the creative itch, meet the strategic need and partner us with those that amaze. And, I’m happy to say, we just completed one of those.

People to People Ambassador Programs is a company that conducts leadership programs for the best-of-the-best of high school students. As part of their upcoming New Orleans trip, they decided to launch a cause-related campaign to raise awareness and provide much needed funds for the real needs of the city still present post Katrina. We were contracted to create a brand identity, microsite and video that would help them spread this message.

It all seemed simple enough – brand, website, video. We do it every day. But, we weren’t prepared for what we were about to learn. Based on a fantastic initial idea from our client we decided to center our imagery around the X that was sprayed on each affected building in New Orleans. This X was used to identify four things:
1. If the home was hazardous,
2. What day the rescue team showed up,
3. Which rescue team it was,
4. And how many bodies were found, dead or alive.

With this visual in mind we set out to tell the story. Like the rest of the country, we assumed that New Orleans was pretty much fixed and we would find only minor evidence of damage. You don’t hear about it on the news any more and with disasters like Haiti happening our charitable funds go elsewhere. Well… we were wrong.

When our film crew arrived in New Orleans they were shocked by the devastation that met them. The popular tourists spots had been fixed, but just outside the city was a completely different story. Home after home lay in ruin still bearing the “X” that tells a unique story of destruction.

But, this story is not meant to be one of sadness and despair. When the crew got back and we watched the footage there were a number of people in the office who said, “This is from right now? Not five years ago?” Solidifying what our client was trying to do – raise awareness and make a difference. In that moment, we knew all we had to do was create a vehicle to deliver this message; the American people would do the rest.

Our clients, Scott Cocking and Greg Gould, were true visionaries and totally understood the imagery we wanted to use. Experts in brand building and social media, their input and guidance played a major role in what we feel is and will be a very successful campaign. We love the final pieces… take a look and get involved. Do your part to spread this message of hope and healing.

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