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Coke – It’s Very Famous
Pepsi – For when they don’t have Coke

This is what “creative” tag lines we would have to look forward to if advertising wasn’t allowed to be creative. This weekend, I got a glimpse into what advertising would look like if we could only say and show what was… and it was horrifying. The Invention of Lying is a movie about a world where no one can tell a lie… Not just that, they can’t show anything that doesn’t exist. This means that all movies, books and advertisements are 100% accurate and historic and there are no such things as actors, just people who read these facts on film. Check out one of these awe inspiring spots for Coke…

Coke Commercial – Invention of Lying

While we have been promoting company advertising that showcases truth in advertising, we don’t promote advertising that has zero creativity. It is the creativity in a spot that engages consumers and endears them to a particular brand. Now, this doesn’t give free license to do whatever you want as far as advertising goes. We still support truth in advertising, but just beg that agencies do it with a flare of creativity.

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    Comment by Ismael — November 13, 2015 @ 1:21 pm

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